Kahn is Gone
A life is relived and a new purpose is found
Discovery of Rivals
The truth of Oram's cruelty is witnessed
Resurgence in Rivermor
The party discovers a strange place
The Griffon Kingdom
The path to the north is discovered
The Legend of The Lich
The party witnesses the power of true evil
A Darkened Heart
Animosity befalls our heroes
A Death in the Mines
Friends begin to fall and new heroes arise
Trouble in Paradise
The party finds themselves on a dark path
Welcoming party
The boat arrives at Volvoa

Nearly 50 travelers packed onto a boat heading west, believing they were being taken to the New World-a land of unexplored potential.
“Come! Leave what you don’t have behind and, find a world of opportunity: A New World!” the pamphlets read.
For the measly price of 30 gold pieces, the ferryman promised a land of liberty, safety, and, most importantly, freedom.

What these travelers came to find, however, was a wild land of impassable mountain ranges and dense, monster infested woods.

As the group began to travel, people began to befriend one another. A motley crew of adventurers met each other on the twisted path through the woods. They decided that through think and thin they would stick together to survive this strange place.

These men continued their walk for several hours until, in the distance, they see a wounded man running towards them telling


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